Creating a New Path with Generational Credit Solutions

Hey!! I'm Wonetta Patton, Board Certified Credit Consultant, Notary Signing Agent, and a student to become a Certified Credit Counselor.

Where I am today has been no easy place to get to...No one taught me the importance of credit, how to leverage it, or how to manage my money. After college, I needed a car but constantly got denied a car loan due to my credit. So, I started cleaning it up ( my score was 520). I went after outdated, invalid, and unverifiable information. I got to the point of receiving approvals & got addicted to the feeling of being approved. I felt like I was finally "accepted." My score had climbed a little past the 650s.

I had a growing baby that needed space, and where was she going to get that with 5 people living in a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom? I HAD to move out of my mom's house, so I began the process of buying a home. I lost my long-time job at that time and that was the end of that! Job stability was a requirement. Shopping became my getaway from feeling overwhelmed, like a failure and a horrible mother. I soon trashed my credit again and all the good habits I practiced previously, went down the drain. I began to see someone about my ongoing depression and started getting better. They helped me get an apartment and I told my mom's house goodbye! I never felt so free!

I went back to budgeting and trying to repair the financial mess I had gotten myself into...especially my credit. This time I started paying my validated collection accounts off. I got certified to be a credit consultant to educate and elevate myself AND others. My credit is still a work in progress but I'm on my way. My goal is to show how you build and create wealth for future generations just like I'm doing for mine.

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