Mind Over Money
Mindset Program

Our M.O.M.M program is designed for those who need a little extra boost before enrolling in one of our credit repair programs. You indicated on your application that you had some past due bills within the last 3 months...and that's okay!

If you can answer "Yes" to the following 3 questions, then this program is for you!

1. Are you making the money, but just not sure where it's going?

2. Are you willing to do what may be hard now, to make your life easier in the long run? 

3. Are you ready for financial greatness?

If you answered "Yes" to them all, then keep reading. The goal of this program is to recreate your financial mindset so that you are able to take control of your finances. We will show you how to make your money work for you! In just 3 short months, you will learn:

How to apply balance and structure to multiple areas in your life

How to create, stick to, and regain control of a budget

How budgeting affects your entire life more than you think

How to create a savings goal and stick to it


So go ahead and get started right now, because you could be going into more debt while you sleep!